Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore, is an international professional nvestment and financing institution with the authorized capital of 5 billion SGD and the business fields covering debt investment, equity investment and related financial advisory services. We strictly abide by related laws and regulations. We hire the executives that are of many years of experience in managing the credit departments of financial organizations in Mainland China and gather a huge number of worldwide top professionals in the investment and inancing fields. We think that both the characters and talents of employees are important. We pursue excellence, and we pay attention to internal control and risk management. Our abundant strength and a broad range of connections bring us a professional operation and management team and robust investment ideology. With the concept of "profession, integrity, innovation, and mutual benefits", we are committed to helping Mainland China's small and medium-sized enterprises out of financing difficulty. We have invested several enterprises in China, including Beijing Guanghua Xingye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou Zhongxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd、Shaanxi Hongda Yongli Real Estate Co., Ltd、Sichuan Dexin Chengye Mining Co., Ltd, and offered them diversified financial services. Through years of effort and development in Singapore, we have achieved impressive performance and accumulated rich experience in enterprise debt financing, capital aising, real estate investment and management, and disposal of assets by maximizing the advantages of collaboration and grasping business opportunities one after another. Now we have created our own risk data management model, which ontributes to the long-term strategic development of our company.  Tel:+65  66534142
Add:Marina Bay Financial Centre,8 Marina Boulevard ,Singapore