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      Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd., as a direct investment and financing platform, conscientiously implements the company's long-term development strategy, improves the operation and management mechanism, actively expands business channels, innovates financing models, and develops capital markets in Mainland China. We seize the opportunity, enhance value management, and help Mainland China's small and medium-sized enterprises develop. Under the concept of stable development, mode innovation, value discovery, and honest collaboration, we continuously improve the core and comprehensive competitive edge, endeavor to build a business environment for the harmonious development of enterprises, and actively promote the "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise. Only we change at the right time and seize the momentum, can we sidestep risks and create wealth value. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and pragmatism to offer diversified capital solutions and services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Mainland China and achieve win-win results. We are establishing the core values of honesty and pragmatism which I believe will be widely recognized by the society. We are determined to be the world-class leader in capital management.

Email:panshijijin@163.com  Tel:+65  66534142
Add:Marina Bay Financial Centre,8 Marina Boulevard ,Singapore