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      Steady, innovative, professional, honest 
      Reaching the benefits among stakeholders is our goal and what we are pursuing. Uphold thevalue investing hilosophy, fulfill rofessionalization, dig deep advantaged industries and explore the investment opportunities at each stage, and create value with innovation and integrity. Solve the bottleneck problem in financing for China's small and medium-sized enterprises and help them create bigger value. Push forward the sound development of China's capital market, create value for society, and promote harmony between people and society. Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd. focuses on emerging industries and market development, strengthens the research and resource accumulation in emerging industries and markets, integrates knowledge and practice, and transforms professional capabilities into investment performance. Be an industrial strategic partner for enterprises through debt-to-equity swap and strengthen the corporation with listed companies and industrial capital to form the pattern of one field, one fund, and a group of partners and to realize the developing investment value idea of creation and sharing.

Email:panshijijin@163.com  Tel:+65  66534142
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