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Investment Domain and Scope
1. Infrastructure (traffic, energy, telecommunication, city-level development) and urban sewage treatment
2. Construction, expansion, and technical transformation of industries (textile, clothing, machinery, building materials, electronics, medicine, high technology, biochemistry, environment protection, culture & education, sanitation, etc.)
3. Agricultural development (high-tech agriculture, deep processing of agricultural and secondary products, ecological agriculture, processing of agricultural and secondary products, planting and cultivation, breeding fine seeds, new type of fertilizers, and comprehensive use of modern agricultural machinery resources)
4. Real estate development (commercial construction, residential construction, urban
complex, and new rural construction)
5. Resource development (mining, deep processing, and new technologies)
6. Business scope: debt financing, recapitalization, and mergers and acquisitions
7. Pledge the listed stocks on the main board on Mainland China's A-shares market for financing.  Tel:+65  66534142
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