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Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd., as a debt investment team growing in Singapore, is composed of professionals in each field that have rich experience and deep understanding of local culture, industrial operation, and capital market, take actions in pragmatic way, and have a knack for execution and risk management. The team is lean and professional. The core team members have worked at credit departments in banks for over 30 years. They have the same value and first-class risk management level, believe that "being a right person is the foundation of doing right things" and "persuading people by reasons", and are passionate about debt investment. We are committed to building a high-end financial human resources integration platform to attract like-minded business elites, thus obtaining huge resources integration benefits by giving full play to the advantages of qualified personnel. The consultant team consists of a number of industry experts who have long been engaged in investment banking, VC investment, PE investment and fund management. They have extensive experience in capital market operation and project management.  Tel:+65  66534142
Add:Marina Bay Financial Centre,8 Marina Boulevard ,Singapore