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      The objective of controlling investment risk is to ensure the orderly operation of investment activities within an acceptable range and maximize shareholders' benefits by taking proactive risk management measures, for example, taking on and managing the risks that can result in investment returns, such as market risk and credit risk, and avoiding and reducing the risks that cannot bring benefits, such as operational risk. Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd. has determined its risk appetite and risk tolerance according to the characteristics of its investment model, formulated risk budget, implemented a comprehensive risk management system and internal control system based on the internal control framework COSO standard, and established a risk management system composed of the execution committee, risk management committee, chief risk officer, risk management department, legal compliance department and other relevant departments, in order to effectively prevent the risk from experience and ensure that the company operates legally, in compliance and with stable operation. 
      As a commercial fund management company that takes social and economic benefits by taking, operating, and managing risks, Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd. understands that a comprehensive risk management system is the core competitiveness for the survival and development of the company. We always treat scientific and efficient business system and operation standard, risk early warning system, as well as information system and analysis control function as the core of risk management, devote to improve the proportion of quantitative analysis and establish application evaluation model, carry out all staff–covered, end-to-end, and dynamic risk management measures to prevent, control, and transform risks, construct and continuously revise and improve our risk management system, and meanwhile, make a benign transformation of the opportunities arising from the risks so as to guarantee and promote the realization of the strategic objectives of sustainable development of our company. The management system of Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd. consists of specific, targeted and operable systems, norms, and methods that cover three main aspects, namely the property and risk compensation system, risk management system, and risk information system.  Tel:+65  66534142
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