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      Philanthropy is the public's act of caring for others and contributing to the society through donating money and objects and volunteering services. The core of philanthropy is to voluntarily provide social assistance to society and beneficiaries for free by some means. Such assistance covers funds, labor and material resources, and is a system of charitable activities consisting of extensive social participation, operation of charities, social fundraising and project implementation. Philanthropy is to carry forward the humanitarian spirit, and regulate and rescue disadvantaged groups and societies. 
      Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd. thinks that philanthropy should take the philanthropy heart of social members as the moral foundation, the income gap between social members and the donation of resources as the economic foundation, social non-profit public groups or organizations as the organizational foundation, and the donors' will as the implementation foundation. These are the characteristics of philanthropy distinguished from government-run social assistance efforts. Singapore Panshi Investment Fund Management Pte. Ltd. attaches great
importance to and cares for the development of philanthropy in China. We hope to try our best to work with like-minded enterprises to jointly promote the development of China's philanthropy.  Tel:+65  66534142
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